"Good taste to be presented and gifted" We deliver delicious tea daily with such thought.

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"We use only tea that is convincing from production to sale" In consideration of only that, our shop delivers delicious tea from the authentic Uji tea home "Uji Tawara".
Around 1905 (Meiji 38), the great-grandfather staeted by putting the tea and charcoal on the gravel road to the city of Kyoto (the one where natural tea has been dried) and crops. Through the history of sales to Hokkaido with ferry where tea can not be cultivated in Japan, and tea production at home tea gardens etc.
I am always researching a manufacturing method that responds to changes in the times and consumer preferences with a pure living quota as a motto with three families now.

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Asadaen Main Store

610-0221 Kyoto Prefecture Tsuzuki Ujitawara City yuyatani nisisiotani 9
TEL +81-774-88-2223 / FAX +81-774-88-4689
Piease feel free to contact us with questions about products and shopping mail tea picking experiences.

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